Perhaps She is the Thumbprint of Some Wayward Queen

You say to talk about her in a new way
and I must tell you I am exhausted. She
exhausts me. My nouns. My verbs. My
inky veins. I have quilled her a thou
-sand poems in paper sky, and still she
haunts my words, and curls them with
her crescent smile. She’s bold, and bossy.

I have tossed her loose into the sea and
seen her bobble-float, and sink. I think
she prefers a west-coast fading sky, but
there’s a good chance that’s just me. I
put words in her pretty pearly mouth an
awful lot, like she’s my sister, some friend
I pretend to know better than I do. You

might think I would tire of all this luna
-sea, but drowning in her flashlight
borrowed glow is enough for me. And too
much. And never enough. And all the
madness in between. She’s new and blue
and bloody and full and fat and foolish
enough to think she’s got her own glow.

I know. She doesn’t. But she’ll fool you
twice (shame on you), glue you to her mar
-bled glee and make you howl for more.
She’s part of some eternal ivory ellipses
that never quite finishes, wraps itself
around the horizon and dot-dashes back
for another round of threaded tag –

hide and seek. Sneak a look at her now,
for dawn-dazzled, she’ll be gone again,
snuck away in her own tear-streaked
aubade, a goddess in a midnight silk
dress, tressed in stars and all the sirens
of this ebony ceiling sea, singing something
you can’t quite catch, or hold. Unfolding.

Prompted by Poets United. Come play! 

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15 Responses to Perhaps She is the Thumbprint of Some Wayward Queen

  1. “a goddess in a midnight silk dress, tressed in stars and all the sirens” that’s absolutely stunning ❤️

  2. Gillena Cox says:

    Nice write De.
    “She’s part of some eternal ivory ellipses”
    this is such an interesting thought

    much love…

  3. belle jars says:

    Good goddess, baby. This is EPIC!!! I love you for so many reasons, and in so many ways — writing this is yet another one. I bow down before your mastery of poetry and worship.

  4. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh my goodness. Your title itself is a standalone poem. Set me dreaming. Then the poem itself, which i wish i had written, culminating in the closing stanza which is. Simply. Stellar. Wowzers!

  5. Susan says:

    I want to quote this whole poem back to you, every unique and non- tired image of it! More, I want to tattoo it on my body! Brilliant and fun and majestic “eternal ivory ellipses.”

  6. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    I wish I’d written this! Wondrous homage to our Muse.

  7. Sumana Roy says:

    A gorgeous ode to the moon & what an awesome title…’She’s bold, and bossy.’ May she always be so, so that poets never tire of praising her 🙂

  8. Vandana Sharma says:

    The different phases of moon and our life,so beautifully amalgamated!

  9. drnurit says:

    So beautiful, De.

  10. thotpurge says:

    she’ll fool you
    twice (shame on you), glue you to her mar
    -bled glee and make you howl for more…. very lovely!!

  11. wildchild47 says:

    Absolutely stellar!
    Such conjuring, the magic running like the sweeping tides, we’re pushed and pulled as we swim and float with the wonderful word weaving. Too many lines to pull out – but this really is a treasure – a delight from start to finish! 🌠

  12. annell4 says:

    Love your thoughts and your words. That moon, the constant presence, and yet as you suggest, Do we really know her? You make me wonder….?

  13. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    This is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve read about a moon, and by you. “I have quilled her a thousand poems in paper sky, and still she haunts my words…” and she continues to inspire. Beautiful write, De!

  14. A stunning write about the moon, I’ve never thought of it like this.

  15. What a glorious use of anthropomorphication! Fantastic write!

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