Filling the Day with Ordinary Awesome


The moon went to bed again this morning
in her borrowed light cape, to escape the
overshine of her brother sun. See the shim
-mer of the sky’s invisibility cloak? Hear

the triumphant cheer of swallow, sparrow,
crow? These blades of grass slice their sharp
verdant green over hero horizon. The trees
arch limbs, breeze-ready to let leaves fly.

You and I, we’ve got powers. Hours. Flowers
to weave and places to leave our mark. Spark
conversations and inspirations and curious
clouds. Sing the out-loud anthem of our super

-natural souls. We’ve got stretch of mountains
and laughter, X-ray vision to our own heart
beats. Allies formed of street chalk and wander
-lust. Trust me, we’ve got this. Here. Now. Wow.


Written for Poetic Asides

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1 Response to Filling the Day with Ordinary Awesome

  1. Janice says:

    So positive So wow! I love the first stanza about the moon and its invisibility cloak.

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