Daily Archives: February 9, 2018

Sometimes Tuesday’s Poems Tumble {into Friday}

  … It’s noisy in here ……….{my head} , this place of scattered at -most -fear and sometimes dread. I’m airing out my poems now, clean fresh sheets in the sun… sky finally full of sound words spoken, days undone. … Continue reading

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False Alarms & Tired Capes

.. I thought maybe the sky was falling but it turned out to just be Chicken Little and his curious squawk, but all that talk of end of days has me thinking it’s time for some new ………………..{songs} …..heroes. .. … Continue reading

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Wonder in Indigo & Ebony

  There’s a black smudge in a skeletal tree telling me secrets, in song. There’s a busy leaf, capturing breeze. The sky is that particular shade of blue that just makes my heart happy for no other reason than blue … Continue reading

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