Hourglasses and Sanctuaries


a grain of sand in the sea.

Unless your hands
are quarreling
yourself possible,

form something.
Keep silent.


Prompted by day 13 of Grace’s 28 Days of Self Love challenge. This is a blackout poem, created on page 67 of the book “I Say Sunrise,” by Talbot Mundy (1949). My favorite thing about this book, which I found in an old used bookshop, is the inscription in the front. Who are Walt, Ruth, and Rosetta? What was their connection? And how does one get access to their “magic universe?” 


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2 Responses to Hourglasses and Sanctuaries

  1. Rose says:

    Pure magic. Thank you for putting this poem out into the Universe 🙂

  2. Grace Black says:

    How touching of an inscription! Wow, love everything about this!

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