Cadaver Palaver


There’s a spirit in my sunroom,
and he’s got a lot to say.
I think he’s rather bothering;
I wish he’d go away.

He’s a specter wearing spectacles,
who thinks he’s rather wise.
He’s a wraith with wrath to spare,
trying mumbling on for size.

I’m spooked, annoyed
and phantom-fatigued. I wish
he’d go away. Or at least exhaust
his useless prattle, and have nothing
left to say.

I don’t know what kind of ghostie-ghouls
have haunted my nerves
in the past,

but this one sure is
getting on my


Written for Poetic Asides

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2 Responses to Cadaver Palaver

  1. We all have these ghosts. Good one

  2. ihatepoetry says:

    Verse is very difficult for me – you make it look easy. Sending all kinds of good vibes and love, Moskowitz

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