Refresher Courses


Today, we will be reacquainting ourselves
with the logarithms of this breeze, the angles

of these trees and the squint of sunray-slant,
perpendicular in the sky. Parlez vous francais?

Me, neither. But the way the lavender is calling
and the rosemary petals are falling, I think we’re

going to sing fa la la, anyway. Dangle me a part
-cipal or an irregular verb, the verve with which

to handle this particular curve of moon. Swoon
with me over silence. The science and alchemy

of light-stained stars. Let’s pinprick our own map
with new places to be. Let’s free our minds. Follow.


Prompted by Poetic Asides

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2 Responses to Refresher Courses

  1. qbit says:

    Awesome! You refresher got fresher as you freshened your poem.

  2. gaby says:

    This is so good!!! I love every little bit of it. 🙂

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