Making Deals with Dragons

They’ve got what we want – that secret
fire, that picture-perfect pose and poise
of embered strength. We can’t stop
………….(won’t stop; oh, don’t stop)
coveting their wings; their unfolding.

In case you’ve missed it, they’ve got a
song, a wise untroubled hum that tags
along as they scorch these skies
………….(our hearts, our eyes)
and turn clouds to marshmallow fluff.

It’s not quite enough to hear their roar
or feel their papered shoulders; we must
begin to wish them higher
………….(talon-sharp, limbs of fire)
and know their glowing skin’s our kin.

The battle’s on. They’ve got the song;
we want the song, and it feels wrong
to take what might be ours to steal
………….(to hold, to have, to feel)
without a single sound, and sans a seal.  

Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge, day 10. This is the one with all the prompts. 

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4 Responses to Making Deals with Dragons

  1. Shawna says:

    Someone said recently that you were wasting your time posting your poems on a blog rather than publishing. I don’t agree, but I do feel the sentiment. You have something that is greater-than … you are the one with the dragon song, De. Seriously, this poem is fun and so very clever. But you really do have something that everyone wants — but not in a covetous, bitter way. It’s beautiful — what you have, who you are, how you write. I’m so thankful to get to watch you express yourself, to watch you make and share your art. You are a glow-dragon; you light up the whole sky.

    My favorite bit in this poem is the “wish” line … It makes me picture the dragon being unable to fly on its own, or now knowing/believing that it can … but having its flight powered solely by wishes. Like this whole body of people wishes/wills the dragon into the sky, into flight, solely with its thoughts and intentions.

    I want this turned into a cartoon movie immediately — think animation like A Bug’s LIfe.

  2. erbiage says:

    This is what I must learn to do

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