flip me crazy

like a page,
………………………………..like an empty box
………………….like a (rib)cage
-d bird, singing.




twiglet #72, with somethin’ me n Shawna said. 


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4 Responses to flip me crazy

  1. Shawna says:

    OMG, this is awesome — I LOVE what you added with that last line. Whew. A d-bird singing. That is fine writing, my dear.

  2. Misky says:

    This is really interesting. Mesmerising almost. I’ve read it three times. Loved it each time.

  3. barbara_y says:

    Really, really like this

  4. Jules says:

    That’s what this spring has been like… caged up –
    except for the fluke days in February when it was in the 70’s!

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