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I am this (and all) poem(s).

.. I am Orion’s belt, loosed. The lightning in your eyes. I am the plums. (Forgive me.) I am all thumbs, and nonesuch things hitchhiking on dragon kite strings. I am your heart, carried in mine. I am the snowy … Continue reading

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Slumber Party Songs

A cherry is the fruit of many almonds, she says, while ty(p)ing the string with her tongue and teeth. I don’t know what it means but I like the sound and the way we are both December sweet -hearts and … Continue reading

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Wandering This Museum Floor, Barefoot

.. Some things aren’t meant to be known, but we have grown them deep, from seed, and whispered them into pearl-earring portraits. How do we stop ourselves from becoming melting clocks? Abandoned suitcases on paintbrushed stairs, empty chairs at ramshackle … Continue reading


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