So a strophe and a spondee
walk into a bar
(all widdershins & collywobbles);
and the dactyl’s all like,
Iamb thirsty,
and the other two
know just what to do,
so they get ’im a drink
to ghazal.

(And of course, pour the dog
-gerel a hyperbole
of water. Flarf! Flarf!he barks,
in thanks.)

The abecedarian
is being an ana
-pest as always,
sitting on his ars

A trochee approaches,
all onomatopoeia and Zeugma
-tic. Something cold for the thirsty?
She asks.

Bartender: Caesura.

Some wordplay fun with poetic terms for day 25 of Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge. 


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2 Responses to RE:Spondees

  1. qbit says:

    Oh my, that is awesome.

  2. Extremely entertaining to read! You captured the essence of these poetic forms quite masterfully!

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