Title Wave

We tried to tell you the storm
………….was coming,
that these phrases have been
arranging their kin and ken
in kingdom, phylum, class
…….-ified order
for weeks. In case
you’re wondering, they’re
here, and they’ve brought whirl
……………..-wind reinforcements.

Have you come to your senses,
smelled the rain?

Let us tell you a tale of torn
words ripped like great oak
roots and kerned into battle
lines, (r)ants un
-defined by the cravings or
cryings of love
or lack of

Let us spin
you a spider web of thunder
-threads that crash
and clash and lash
their sound across these
sacred poem grounds
as lightning captures
portraits of it all.

These tempest gales
won’t cease. They surge
and squall and bolt and
quake and clap
…..(applause, applause)
at their own most-loved
encore. (More pop
-corn, please.)

They’re causing (g)round
-(d)elays and unformed praise
that shouts its status
to anyone with (f)ears.

This one last
stanza is a monsoon
………and soon
you’ll see you should have
listened; should have
seen the warning sighs
…….in that
that slow-stirred
bengy sky.

Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge, day 28This is the one with all the prompts. 


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2 Responses to Title Wave

  1. that’s some wild storm

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