The Case of the Threaded Honeybee Elm-Embattled BrabbleWave

Pluck every petal
(don’t stop til you get to the

and you’ll see the deal:

The buzzies are busy
bickering over the allure of roses,
the favored fragrance of free

They’re responding
to the wisdom of reluctant snap
decisions and the (g)round
-(d)elays of pollen and sting. They carry
their stamen-story secrets far and wide
for the love-lament
………fool disclosure
….of spring.

They’re a tornado of siren
danger, a complicated kingdom
 ….(phylum, class, order, family)
tree of skystars
……now solved,
once supposed.

They’re promise,

Case closed.


PAD, day 30. Hopefully the LAST one with all the prompts.
I had an argument with the all the prompts this morning, trying to convince them that it would be madness to try to put all of the “blank” title prompts back in as one title. They won. I can no longer be held responsible for any of this nonsense. The prompts have taken over the asylum. 😉 


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2 Responses to The Case of the Threaded Honeybee Elm-Embattled BrabbleWave

  1. Shawna says:

    I adore that free/sia word split. Now I’m going to have to listen to a bunch of her songs. 🙂

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