muddling puddles


my galoshes are sloshed.
i’m gonna need a bum
to keep my willy-nilly birthday
suit(e) saved unscathed
from all this mud
-(d)led muck.

the sun’s come out again.
i miss the stuck-struck spill
of my jelly-belly wellies filling
with rhymin’ writhin’ writin’

This word wants to be a thousand poems. Come play with me at dVerse



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18 Responses to muddling puddles

  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice sound: “mud
    -(d)led muck.


  2. marialberg says:

    This is really good; and fun.

  3. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Dynamic De! onomatopoeic or what! discomfort in the nether regions – and bum

  4. Utterly delightful!

  5. merrildsmith says:

    So much fun, De! I love the bum-bershoot. 🙂
    My younger daughter and I were just talking about how when she was little, I’d take her for walks where she’d jump and splash in the puddles. She said, the oil puddles were rainbows.

  6. Kathy Reed says:

    Muddled…Wellies..clever girl!

  7. Jo Aylard says:

    The musical rhythm in your piece is wonderful!

  8. lillian says:

    Oh my….smiling I am! It reminds me of the Wednesdays I would pick up my two grandkids when they were very young, from their preschool. The school believed children should play outside, no matter the weather. So there I’d be, in the rain….taking my two young grandkids to the back end of the hatchback car, sitting them up on the car…pulling off muddy boots…stripping down from their rain pants and somehow, they even had mud in their underwear!!!! There was a HUGE mud puddle the kids loved to stomp in! Sigh…..I learned to bring wet washcloths and towels to wash off their faces for the ride home. They were happy as clams! 🙂 Thanks for the memories!

  9. This is a fun form. Playful.

  10. whimsygizmo says:

    Thank you all, so much.

  11. Shawna says:

    You are so dang adorable.

    “to keep my willy-nilly birthday

  12. You made me remember certain joys from my childhood – but I won’t be running naked in the rain,

  13. kim881 says:

    This one just giggles and smiles, De! One to keep for my grandson, when he’s old enough!

  14. gillena says:

    Luv this for the fun in your word play

    much love…

  15. sanaarizvi says:

    I enjoyed the light-heartedness of this one, De! 💜

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