language lessons


i am still
studiously listening
to the stutter of trees, the Braille
of breeze, and the way these
feathered things might sway
their song.

that moon,
she’s a teacher.
a preacher.
a reacher of stars.
a quiet far
-off place to etch
the hieroglyphics of
the heart.

i am also contemplating
(cogitating, slow
the algorithms of this
shy shade, and the ways
it’s made me sane.

i’ve even tried ocean
-ease on for size.

and here is what I’ve decided:
we are all just empty
waiting for fire


It’s been awhile since I did a prompt mashup. Couldn’t resist today’s Twiglet (#75), and Mish’s prompt over at dVerse Poetics. Come play! 



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22 Responses to language lessons

  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice ending with those fire-flies. I liked the sound of this phrase: “the stutter of trees, the Braille
    of breeze” and trying on the ocean for size.

  2. Waltermarks says:

    Ha, ha, I love your grasp of the nuance of language. I’ve got to use that ocean breeze language myself, lol

  3. rothpoetry says:

    I love it De! Empty bottles indeed! Waiting for those blinks of inspiration! Beautiful

  4. I love the sound of your words!

  5. jazzytower says:

    Aah!! Love that ending..


  6. Mish says:

    I will pull out ” to etch hieroglyphics of the heart” because it is brilliant, much like every line of this poem. Love the internal rhyme!
    Thanks for sharing your other “lessons” with us as well via the links.

  7. Oh, oh, oh, so much to love here. I like your different writings waiting to be read, and that last line shines bright.

  8. I love this.. the emptiness is so important.. .how could we else fill it with more?
    You have the best of teachers

  9. kim881 says:

    Gosh! What can I say, De -this is a stunning poem!

  10. Jo Aylard says:

    This piece is amazing! I especially loved your last stanza – profound words!

  11. Anita says:

    Nice words.
    A bottle with fire-flies will dazzle & will have motion inside.

  12. Misky says:

    Ooooh, how perfectly wonderful!

  13. annell4 says:

    I love your lessons, each one!!

  14. Beverly Crawford says:

    The nuances of this poem are absolutely charming! I love the concept of being a bottle waiting for fireflies! BRAVO

  15. Jules says:

    All good but the two stand outs for me: the stanza with the moon and the ending lines.
    Though we must also remember to have someone let out the fireflies… They need to live. 😉

  16. Love “ocean-ease” and that amazing ending!

  17. Vivian Zems says:

    Love the braille of the breeze. The imager of being empty bottles waiting for fireflies is sublime.

  18. Love that last stanza! Empty bottles!

  19. Wow. This was a great poem.

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