dawns the day, and so we lace our shoes

run one. just one. and when you’re
done, may
run another one. perhaps a
half. another step. another breath.
another sidewalk slap-hum,
another strum of heart,
another start

another way of leaving,
receiving sunrise hope




Twiglets #76, after an encounter with some baby quail this morning. 


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4 Responses to dawns the day, and so we lace our shoes

  1. love the photos and the words

  2. Lovely poem, De. Love the photos!

  3. Jules says:

    Your lovely quail remind me of the pheasants that used to roam my back yard.
    While the pheasant are mostly gone – due to an avian flu… I do have other birds to entertain me 😉
    I wonder what messages those worms bring to the nest? 🙂

    Careful where you run. I just walk… I suppose I need to be careful where I walk too – since the geese and their goslings like to eat my yards’ grass!

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