Grad(u)ations of Color, Light


We are still
for some diploma
-cy, some
salutatorian sunrise
promise. Hold this crimson
close, that one in a vermillion
horizon to heart; start
asking all the right questions:
Can I pocket this praise?
Can I fill this page with sunbeams?
Shall we dance on this one sky-scrim stage?


Prompted by Poetic Asides

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2 Responses to Grad(u)ations of Color, Light

  1. Shawna says:

    This is so flipping gorgeous. I adore what you did in the title.

    “We are still
    for some diploma” … Yes. Of course we are. (Make mine yella.)

    “salutatorian sunrise” … Man, is that pretty. I guess that’s where I got the yelli-jelli shade from (for the gowns, hats, and diplomas).

    “Hold this crimson promise; close that one in vermillion” … “Close,” as in end, shut the door on.

    Such beautiful storytelling.

  2. From the title on, the wordplay, line breaks, and language are brilliant!

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