and then some
(breathing, believing)
into a rising sun,

until your lungs
beg for more
(breath, miles),

until the pounding
pavement groans
and smiles.

run up that hill
so you can fly
back down,

crown yourself in mesquite
and calling quail,
hail that taxi of a sun.

run one.
walk one.
sprint one.

(and a two and a three
and a four,
and a five);

come alive as the day
breaks and your heart
aches for something more.

climb the stairs,
hum a prayer.
there’s a whole new day in store.




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2 Responses to #runone

  1. Shawna says:

    I love your hidden meanings, like “pound-run one” and the idea of flying with your back facing downward.

    Gorgeous image: “crown yourself in mesquite”

    I like the way the italic stanza makes it sound like a dance.

    And then the closing possibility that you’re going shopping as a prize for working out hard. 🙂

  2. ‘come alive as the day
    breaks and your heart
    aches for something more.’

    I love these words, De!

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