Dandelion Fluff


They say
size doesn’t matter
and then they say
dream big,
but I prefer these tiny breaths
and the way the breeze
teases my heart
into flight.

You blink
at all that sacred spotlight;
I think
I’ll save myself
in 40 winks
and some slight
semblance of phrase,
or perhaps days
spent listening
to all these dragon clouds.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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4 Responses to Dandelion Fluff

  1. Shawna says:

    “I’ll save myself
    in 40 winks
    and some s/light”


  2. qbit says:

    Brilliant opening line.

  3. Marie Elena says:

    Oh my. And *sigh* and love your words and love your heart …

  4. Justin Jackson says:

    Your tiny breaths birth dragon clouds

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