This is one for the loony bin.

Image from Wikipedia


This poem is just
one or two steps
of everything I might
want to be. I’ve added
stars and salt
and sea and sigh
and the violet violence
of one last sunset.

Yet, it stretches
and it strives, not yet
quite alive in every
verse or vein. It strains
to see straight
praise through all
of these unquiet
voices in the rain.

They’ll only let it
chatter in chalk
and talk about the
weather or the way
things used to be;
no poli
-tics here, or long
slow fears of righteous
-ness, or soap
boxes or truth
or consequences
or best defenses
or dreams.

It’s nuts, you
know; mixed. Fixed
only in its salty bowl
of thinkthinkthink.

What do you
exactly see?
A bat? A butterfly? A spill?
A dragon? A rib cage?

Ink-stain is a kind
of madness,
when you’re free.


Prompted by today’s twiglet. Come play! 






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5 Responses to This is one for the loony bin.

  1. Shawna says:

    It’s two Battys (from Fern Gully), fighting over a dress they pulled off the clothesline!

  2. I have seen enough inkblots in my time, to know that this is dogs facing opposite ways yet combined as Siamese twins. (I am vying for Maddest Hatter.)

  3. lifelessons says:

    Two elephants kissing and two women behind them cheering them on, of course!!

  4. qbit says:

    Fantastic. We’ll done. I especially love “sigh / -lence / and the violet violence”

  5. Jules says:

    My first thought… honest was mirror image of a pig getting ready to get comfortable in a mud bath.
    Any room for me in your ‘Loony Bin?’…Top part is ears, bottom part far left (or right) that piggy squiggly tail.

    Really many lovely verses. Well spiced. 🙂

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