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  supposed to be writing for pay, to -day, but i’d rather ……………play with all the heart -esque words.   ..

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this brilliant broken breath

  play magnetic poetry here. 

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.. Tonight, tonight, my plans I make: to spin real hair from all this useless strawman’s gold, to hold …………(perhaps) a child of my own instead of stealing someone else’s. To call myself a man, a sham, a king, a … Continue reading

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Bratty Moon

.. She’s braying and saying that she doesn’t wanna wane today, doesn’t feel like fading away into nothing. She’s crying and sighing and holding nothing back at bay, causing a tempest -tantrum of whine and ocean waves. She’s taxing and … Continue reading

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’Dis Obedient Poem

… ’Dis poem ain’t in line or just in time. She’s got one black eye and bruised feet and a pen -chant for running out in the street before she’s fully dressed. She don’t listen, or glisten, or wrap a … Continue reading

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The Low-Hummed Hope of Other Songs  

  … We have wandered ……….(once again) too far. Become un -lucky in our gaze. These streetlights falter, alter shadows, offer cobbled stones. Perhaps we have bartered our broken much too soon, settled for the passing of the buck by … Continue reading

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That which she is of {tossed above}:

.. Beauty (perhaps) and light, and the fight of wind on skin. Pain slow -slammed into truth. Proof of second chances and first -blush glances turned to 20 years. Tears. Sky and moon and sun -burned tongues and languages she … Continue reading

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Dragon Squall

She tumbles until she has nothing left but the rise and fall of sky as breath , and a mouth scarred thick with stories.   .. .. twiglets #97.     

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Princess Pop and the Bubblegum Dragon

  Princess Pop f e l l for a hubba-bubba-bubbling dragon. He ballooned. She swooned. Those bubble-oons were, luckily, filled with goo (and laughter). And the moral of the story is just exactly this: never ask a Bubblegum Dragon for … Continue reading

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Got Stuck

in the muck. In my truck. (Just bad luck.) Tried to flee. Silly me. Feet got tucked in that muck with my truck. (Aw, shucks.) Pulled ’em loose. Lost my shoes. (Bad news.) Still here. Oh, dear. Mud in ear. … Continue reading

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