The Tragedy of Toes


They’re stubbed
and snubbed
and scuffed
and stuffed
into those cute heel-strappies.

(Misery might love company,
but all of ’em ain’t happy.)

They’re cramped
and tramped
and clamped
and damped
in puddles, ponds and lakes.

(You’d think that we might give ’em
a break, for heaven’s sakes.)

They’re socked
and mocked
and shocked
and stocked
with polish, paint and piggies.

(They’ve gone to market, hell
and back, and shrugged and said “no biggies.”)

They’re shod
and clod
and flawed
and thawed.

(That’s the tragedy of toes-es.)

And sometimes,
they get stinky.

…….{Thus: a tragedy of noses.}



Prompted by Poetic Asides





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3 Responses to The Tragedy of Toes

  1. Marie Elena says:

    HA! Too cute, too clever, and a “wish I’d written this!” 😀

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