Not taking into account that cold bone moon

we walked those paths
and chattered on
of years and tears
and everything
and nothing
and every
-thing in between,
ancient rising oaks
and gravestones
white as teeth.


twiglet #96


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4 Responses to Not taking into account that cold bone moon

  1. Jules says:

    Oh, yes. Especially in old cemeteries where the stones are very similar.

  2. Jaine says:

    “Cold bone moon” is just about the coolest phrase ever. It wants to be in a song, I think. Heck, maybe it already is.

    When I see hanging commas like that, I always connect them to the letter(s) they’re floating above/below. So here, The capital “N” in your title joins the comma to say “in [a] coma.”

    I love this being about best friends, or even sisters, reconnecting and resuming a closeness from years ago. Maybe they’re talking about the history of their town or the history about their family. Maybe they’re coming back together after losing their mom. I always wonder what will happen to me and my siblings when our mother dies. Will we maintain a relationship? There has to be some distance that automatically grows, I would think — especially if you live far apart. But then maybe when you do come back together for a visit, it’s like you’re teenagers again. I don’t know, I’m feeling very melancholy about family right now, so that’s guiding my reading.

  3. Love the analogy of the identical gravestones. Wonderful, De!

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