Teen(r)ager Poem


This poem is an un
-solvable equation
of puberty and pain,
a darkest-hour drama,
a glorious hormone hurricane.

She has tired-of-texting
thumbs and uniambic feet
that are finding their rhythm
in a new place all her own.
She’s known only by a few,
admired by one or two,
perhaps lost to most
……………(for now.)

Oh, how
she longs for more freedom,
power, places to call her own
and stretch her legs and stop
apologizing to the world for her
awkward phase.

She’s been gently singed
by first love, still
falling. She is conqueror
of worlds and quiet storm.
She’s got glimpses of the future,
but the now
is loud.

She’s proud and punchy and
spunky and sprouting
to the sun. Hold her phrases
l o o s e l y,    she’s only
just begun.



In November, we poem



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3 Responses to Teen(r)ager Poem

  1. Marie Elena says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that poetic voice of yours! I would recognize it anywhere.
    “gently singed by first love, still falling” *sigh*

  2. Shawna says:

    “a glorious hormone hurricane” ❤

    This shouldn't affect me so much, but it does. It all seems like yesterday — plus, daughters.

  3. Even after our awkward stages, many of us still seem to apologize for the slightest infraction.
    Love this poem, De!

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