i can’t imagine her wild

{mood ring: forgiveness, and other disasters}

for her darkest hour swoon,
her great craving for protest and anti
-hate, war.

gun metal gray
for her weary worn heart
and its shaky veins, brave un
-broken beat.

crimson apology,
long-lost blood red tears, toxic
love worn on furious
embered sleeve.

a giddy green,
a game of springtime hop
-scotch, paper-scissors-rock and all
the glimpses of grass between.

ivory pearl,
for the younger girl, for the quiet
curls ribboned and the laughter,
bubbled loud.

bright sky blue,
like a praised day found, con
-cealed in private stream and flushed
in sea.

tangerine sun
driven steady to ground, rub
-bled and risen and prismed for this
dream-dancer to see.


In November, we poem



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1 Response to i can’t imagine her wild

  1. lifelessons says:

    So much tenderness in this poem.

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