Ok, fine.

I’ll toe the line
and ice the knee. I’ll honor
sore joints and tired soul
and every third twinge.

I’ll acknowledge that I’m no
longer seventeen, cassette tapes
rocking to the road’s dashed lines.
I’ll define myself softly, blurred
edges, love handles
and all.

But I’m still gonna pet the bunnies
and play with the littles and smile
at strangers and daisy-chain these
music dreams.

I am mother of dragons and all living
things, valedictorian of the sea. Lake
junkie, finger painting outside
the lines in this most fun colorful
world. Swirled in sun and rain
and fragrance of breeze.



My Shawna sent me a bday word list. This is what it wanted to be. PS: I got to pet bunnies today. 🙂 


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2 Responses to 49

  1. Shawna says:

    “I’m no
    longer seventeen” … I disagree, Missy.

    “I’ll define myself softly” … This is so beautiful and perfect.

    “valedictorian of the sea” … Awesome!!!

    Happy birthday, Love. ❤

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