Silver Bells, Cockle Shells, Pretty Maids

my blood approves
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers
– E.E. Cummings


She’s fussing about out there
in the garden again, cussing

out the flowers. Loves me, loves
-me-nots, forget-me-dids. Shattered

petals and lost bliss, and that one
murmured kiss that muddle-muddied

her sky. A wink, a leap. A crunch. The
kicked-in burn of heart’s last twist.


It’s Quadrille Monday at dVerse and I’m hosting. Come play! 






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30 Responses to Silver Bells, Cockle Shells, Pretty Maids

  1. “forget-me-dids” … so much in that… she is right in cussing methinks

  2. I’m seconding Bjorn’s quote. I sort of felt winded at the end, there was so much about this that I liked and every line was just so well crafted.

  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Your last line is killer. Interesting mix in this piece–whimsey, humor, sadness and metaphor; nicely done.

  4. This made me think of all those women who lost their never-to-be husbands in WWI. That one memory disturbing her equilibrium.

  5. Ali Grimshaw says:

    Oh, I can just picture this. Concise, humorous and truth be told wrapped up in a small tasty treat. I especially like, “”Forget-me-dids” Thanks for sharing this.

  6. merrildsmith says:

    Like others, I love the “forget-me-dids.” There is humor and pathos in this–but somehow I feel like she’ll carry on and be OK.

  7. This makes me think of those women like my great aunt whose loves were all ones that got away. They linger in the memory in a chaste blur.

  8. Misky says:

    This reminds me of myself as I’m fussing about in the garden. I really love “Shattered petals and lost bliss”. Yes, that’s gardening for sure.

  9. gypsy moon says:

    Sounds like a teenaged daughter. I do not look forward to dealing with the heartbreaks to come in my household (or garden).

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Oh, man. Me, neither. We’ve already had one major one, a friendship dashed to bits. Praying these next years flow by a little more gently.

      • gypsy moon says:

        I keep telling my girls, “Do not have boyfriends. Do not have boyfriends. Do not have boyfriends. It will destroy everything, especially friendships.”

  10. sanaarizvi says:

    “Shattered petals and lost bliss,” speaks volumes! A most gorgeous poem, De! ❤️

  11. msjadeli says:

    feeling the acute pain of lost love…

  12. robtkistner says:

    Hi De! Liked this piece… “forget me dids” 🙂 You and I both touched on bliss for this piece. It’s a natural with kiss. Happy Valentines Day!

  13. Maggie C says:

    “forget-me-dids. Shattered…” I like the way “shattered” seems to do double duty here.

  14. Great quadrille. I always enjoy your word play in your pieces.

  15. Whoa, that’s jam-packed.
    An older couple perhaps?

  16. jillys2016 says:

    Ah! Cummings & Mother Goose – nice!

  17. rothpoetry says:

    I can see her in the garden tearing off petals, cussing and fussing! The twist of the heart at the end just sums it up!

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  19. kim881 says:

    A brilliant take on Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, De, with a sprinkling of Cummings! I like the internal rhymes, the ‘loves-me-nots’ and ‘forget-me-dids’, and the ‘mm’ alliteration that evokes the kiss. But oh, that burning twist of the heart!

  20. Oh, this pricks and bleeds like those “shattered petals” of heartbreak and melancholy. Such a wonderful word-play here with alliteration and sounds replicating the flow and the rhythm.
    Love this bit: “and that one/murmured kiss that muddle-muddied//her sky.”

  21. lillian says:

    shattered petals / lost bliss / the metaphor of the garden here is so well done. I especially love these words:
    “Loves me, loves
    -me-nots, forget-me-dids.”
    The forget-me-dids is just an amazing turn of words that fits with the old saying and relays the loss and hurt and “frustration”.
    Love this one, De!

  22. Vivian Zems says:

    Quite visceral, this one. Love the force behind the words.

  23. Charley says:

    A really nice play off the cummings prompt — assuming that’s what you did. Anyway, they share the sandbox well.

  24. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice description of that “one
    murmured kiss that muddle-muddied

    her sky.”

  25. Flowers Fade
    Thorns come
    Memories Sweet

  26. annell4 says:

    I liked your poem, out in the garden, and kisses.

  27. A poignant portrayal of love gone wrong!

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