We meter them out in fire, scaled down
to last treble-clefted flick of
tail and trail of smoke.

The syllables sag and drag
-on winded sails, caught between
embered teeth.

We store them in caves, and sand
-castles, vessels of wind
and wave. Salted. Sung. Saved.


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and I’m hosting. Come play! 





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22 Responses to DragonSongs

  1. I really love how you had your dragon there in all their scales… sandcastles is not something I would have thought of

  2. And such songs they must be. The kind the Vikings sang in their longships.

  3. A song, a ballad indeed; nice twist on the prompt, although a number of others out here on the trail, seem to have musicality within them.

  4. kim881 says:

    How to train your dragon… to sing! I love that your dragons know their scales and the ‘treble-clefted flick of tail’ and and syllables ‘caught between embered teeth’.

  5. As usual, your playful wordery is wonderful. I love those treble-clefted tails in particular. Beautifully done.

  6. robtkistner says:

    This was wonderful, playful, inventive, and a joy to read. Marvelously melodious De…

  7. Vivian Zems says:

    There’s a tune in here, somewhere! Love “..treble-clefted flick of tail…”

  8. Beverly Crawford says:

    Embered teeth — now there’s a word picture if ever I saw one! Great

  9. Waltermarks says:

    I think I do hear the Norse men gathered round the fire swapping songs and tales of tails. That’s a great picture

  10. gillena says:

    Nice images in your dragon structure. Luv that music is ther too
    Happy Monday

    much love…

  11. Truedessa says:

    The song of the dragon is one I never tire of in poetry.

  12. Anna says:

    Thank you for the delightful prompt and your beautiful, playful poem! I want to learn a few of these dragon song for sing-a-long bonfires on the beach with s’mores.

  13. rivrvlogr says:

    I love the whimsical fantasy woven through this.

  14. lynn__ says:

    Your dragon songs and quadrille prompt set imagination afire!

  15. qbit says:

    “caught between
    embered teeth.”

    Brilliant image. Dragons always verb their nouns!

  16. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar says:

    I want to wrap myself up in this poem and just … believe. Lovely.

  17. Can’t get over those”embered teeth.”

  18. merrildsmith says:

    This is so beautifully done–I just love the sound of the words (and rhythm) in this one!

  19. Just Barry says:

    Pardon my pun, but that 1st line was straight fire! Love the extended metaphor throughout your scaly poem.

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