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dragon dna

  .. they’re two parts moon, i think, a drink of shimmered scale and waxing fire. where do their wings come from? starling murmur? darling’d breeze? the breath of trees and song that comes ……………(what may) from long stray veins … Continue reading

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Breathing, in fire and flowers

.. I have pocketed the dragon, and she says we are for each other , that today’s enough. We make a meal of madness, a fist of arrow-alms a list of things we whisper-whimsy-want: …… meandered daisy chain, ……..a dozen … Continue reading

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crying wolf

Much wants more and loses all. – from Aesop’s The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs … once the fangs and the feathers and the wasted years have all fallen , we find ourselves lost in the reflection of bone, … Continue reading

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dandelions in the rain

.. she wears a scarf of scribbled poem fluff, just thick enough to ……………(warn) warm us. and her voice cracks open this one last stone of truth: the day’s a storm of sting and silence and we’re all just waiting … Continue reading

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Sky Calling

.. The stars are sharp tonight, tongues of fire that freeze and float …………..and fall, and we wish they would un-Braille ….us, sing these syllables in a language we might hear and …………..know. The moon? ……..She’s just a golden-throated swallow … Continue reading

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small murder in the parking lot

awwww, sorry buddy, I say to the quite dead crow on my way into vons. he’s a black asphalt pancake now, but i wonder if aliver-him was there for spice, or salt. not his fault everything’s moving so fast. .. … Continue reading

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