Breathing, in fire and flowers


I have pocketed the dragon,
and she says we are for each other
that today’s enough.

We make a meal of madness,
a fist of arrow-alms
a list of things we whisper-whimsy-want:
…… meandered daisy chain,
……..a dozen startling dawns,
……..a tranquility of swans.


Lil’s hosting over at dVerse’s Quadrille today. Come play! 




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22 Responses to Breathing, in fire and flowers

  1. Glenn A. Buttkus says:

    Excellent word-smithing; your last line is killer, it’s like the title of a novel, A TRANQUILITY OF SWANS. Your POV is out there (perspective, point of view); very creative take on the prompt.

  2. lillian says:

    a list of things we whisper-whimsy-want — what a great line!

    A tranquility of swans sounds much better than a bevy of swans. I nominate “tranquility” for the new way to describe a group of swans. Think about it. A gaggle of geese is absolutely correct…they gawk, sqwak, hiss, poop everywhere they waddle walk. They are not graceful and deserve to be called a gaggle when there is a group!
    On the other hand, swans have a beauty unto themselves, they have beautiful graceful necks that arc as half of a heart…they glide…they are pristeen on a lake or pond. Of COURSE they should be called a tranquility! 🙂

  3. kanzensakura says:

    A tranquility of swans…I like that so very much.

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  4. Grace says:

    Amazing word play De. Love those items in the meal of madness!

  5. Xan says:

    That’s an incredible poem.

  6. memadtwo says:

    Each phrase is its own gem…although I’m partial to meal of madness. (K)

  7. robtkistner says:

    Beautiful poem De! I too want “a dozen startling dawns”, and many more I hope…

  8. Sherry Marr says:

    “A tranquility of swans.” How absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I really enjoyed the sounds of this piece.

  10. msjadeli says:

    I like your carefree wordplay, De.

  11. Like others, the swans line is brilliant, as is the dozen startling dawns (it suggests to me starlings, stars and darlings) – and of course the question would a dozen be enough? would one? So clever as ever.

  12. merrildsmith says:

    A tranquility of swans–perfect!

  13. pvcann says:

    A tranquility of swans – what a thought.

  14. I love all those wonderful things to wish for… and I would love to conspire with my own pocket dragon.

  15. That last line seals this so poetically! Beautiful.

  16. qbit says:

    “a fist of arrow-alms” – !!!

  17. “a tranquility of swans” – one of the most beautiful phrases I have ever heard!

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