Because I have not had my fill of falling



I am taking off my shoes
and standing barefoot at the edge
of it all once again, shouting
nonsense-something to my echo-self
and asking her to keep me company,
fill this lonely void with laughter’s roar
until the next set of storms sets in.


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and I’m hosting. Come play! 


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27 Responses to Because I have not had my fill of falling

  1. rivrvlogr says:

    Something tells me there’s balance in that echo-self.

  2. I like your imagery of sitting at the edge of things. Is it my imagination or are you fond of these kind of images, taking shoes off, walking in the edge? I like it anyway!

  3. calmkate says:

    barefoot, echoes, storm filling the void … full of metaphors!

  4. Glenn A. Buttkus says:

    The razor’s edge, pushing the envelope, punching the parameters–I can dig it. As poets, many of us do this on a regular basis.

  5. msjadeli says:

    Seems tense but calming in the lull.

  6. ghostmmnc says:

    Sometimes I think we all need to just let go and holler, fill the world with our thoughts from the edge. Love this!
    Also reminds me of the Lady Gaga song, “Edge of Glory”. 🙂

  7. gillena cox says:

    Ah yes laughter is the best pasttime
    Happy you dropped by to read mine De


  8. Grace says:

    Like I am on the edge too and awaiting laughter’s roar. Love this one De.

  9. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice line: “fill this lonely void with laughter’s roar”

  10. Beverly Crawford says:

    There’s something to be said for a primal scream room, so I’m told!

  11. This is both edgy and soothing; feels as if the echo-self is going to make things better, hell or high water. At least a little.

  12. Ali Grimshaw says:

    And isn’t this just what life is all about, bravely stepping forward, stepping to the edge once more?
    I liked this. These were my favorite words, “shouting
    nonsense-something to my echo-self.”

  13. Lona Gynt says:

    This is just GREAT! GREat! GReat!!! great….!

  14. Lona Gynt says:

    Love the joy and engagement with the edge of the air!

  15. Truedessa says:

    I think I’ve walked that edge a time or two.

  16. Such void must always be filled…Always…else it fills you up!
    Your poem touched the chords…

  17. I like the wild courage here. Sometimes that’s the best we can do.

  18. kim881 says:

    The brave front hides the vulnerability in this poem, De, which comes through especially in the final lines. I love a good roar in a field or on a beach. There used to be a community of screamers on the west coast of Ireland -very therapeutic. .

  19. I love this De, sometimes we need to move to the edge to discover something new xxx

  20. Yvonne Osborne says:

    Love your title! And shouting nonsense to my echo self….think I was doing that last night instead of sleeping.

  21. Vandana Sharma says:

    Waiting for the storm!!Let it pass through…

  22. lillian says:

    ….on the edge…..I can picture this person, this frustration and anger and questioning and wrath and everything that the primal scream and yelling represents – that the storming sea represents – on the edge. Very powerful.

  23. hank77 says:


    ill this lonely void with laughter’s roar
    until the next set of storms sets in.

    Good substitute to break the the quiet!


  24. rothpoetry says:

    Living on the edge~! I like that!!

  25. Wow.. you really fill me with a vivid image of standing on the edge here.

  26. merrildsmith says:

    On the edge, and some times you just have to take that plunge–and laugh. I like the echo self.

  27. qbit says:

    Wonderful. I hear the laughter ricocheting back and forth across the canyon until it builds and explodes into storm.

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