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acting bears, unabashed

  {sorry to bother you} but, they know …..(as the back of their hands) the dangers of relevant things, the psychology of box office (ex) convict -ions. keep em rollin’, tootsie – in all of her shadows and lights, a … Continue reading

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a wish, a rant, a roar

.. a small stirring in the slow hollows of her bones. a hallowed breath of broken wayward shaken sky. a sigh. a song. the long long stretch of day. a freckled thought that says she is ungrowing. a fraction caught … Continue reading

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the wisteria treehouse palaces of tiny dragons

they are masters of mopetry and muppetry and the wispiest whispers and whims of clouds. they chalk out loud in the brightest colors and sing their scales in sorrowed sway. they carve their names in bark, not bite, and right … Continue reading

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