This Tree Says We’re Together, Strong

We are just standing here
peeling bark from umber

trunk, showing her age
and waiting on proof. You

tell me this breeze shall
pass, this voice unlashed

against all this ridiculous
blue sky that defies the

ragged edges of this new
-world truth: we are one

and some old things are
done and some others are

changing, rearranging them
-selves into a new language

we can perhaps all speak.
We seek now only clasping

hands and the grace to stand
shoulder to shoulder again,

heart to heart again, soul to
soul again, ready to sing.



in april, we poem. together. 




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3 Responses to This Tree Says We’re Together, Strong

  1. vhosking says:

    On a positive note we can sing together apart. Though it will be nice to be soul to soul again.

  2. erbiage says:


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  3. Marie Elena says:

    Had to share this. You wow me, De.

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