eyelash flutter

we huff and puff and blow
dandelion fluff
from here to kingdom come.

go ahead,
rub the genie’s lamp.
rub the buddha’s belly.
catch that copper penny fountain
scent right between your teeth.

we are salt-over-shoulder safe,
falling for nothing.
pilfering stagnant stars.



in april, we poem in wishes.





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2 Responses to eyelash flutter

  1. Jay Bleu says:

    I love this one.

  2. auntbaggy says:

    Love this! It reminds me of something I wrote a couple of years ago (though maybe not quite as eloquently as you’ve put it here!) as well as a recent one I’ve written on eyelash wishes this last month. Just thought I’d share in case you’d like to have a read:

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