Lady Luck Takes a Rest

{Covid daze, Vegas style}


My city is sleeping

shedding her green felt skins
for bluer skies and quiet streets.

The geese have taken over,
waddling down the Strip like
they own the joint, the new
Bugsy Siegels of their time.

We watch from behind
car windows and computer
screens, know that
this too
(unprecedented as it is)
…………….shall pass.

Neon that once boasted
Loosest Slots! More Winners!
now promises
We are in this Together.

we do feel strong.
We’re feeding those
who need it. We’re
helping our neighbors.
We’re praying, and staying
home to protect our most

in the small hours of the night
when the lights should be at their
brightest, we feel the shadow
of it all, and wonder
how the numbers will


in april, we poem. this april, we wait for brighter days. 




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5 Responses to Lady Luck Takes a Rest

  1. susanstoo says:

    Thank you for: “Sometimes we do feel strong.” and “Sometimes . . . We feel the shadow of this all.”

  2. Shawna says:

    I would vote for you for President.

  3. qbit says:

    “How the numbers will fall”!!! Oh wow, that’s it. You landed this. Amazing.

  4. Jay Bleu says:

    Beautiful poem. I can’t help but hear this in Frank Sinatra’s voice. . .”They call you Lady Luck. . .”

  5. erbiage says:

    Good stuff. I’m not sure if the hope I feel in this is what you intended or not, but I’ll take it!

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