there are dragons,
of course
and some of them
are wearing tutus
and striped socks
(because who can
control these things?)

and one sings acapella
showtunes and shrugs
feather-boa’d scaled
shoulders at the world

and you and you and you
were there, and nobody
clicked their heels so we
got to stay in the magic
golden cobbled place
and dance all day and
sway to the rhythms of
these rebel trees.

we dream also of stars,
and dandelion fluff
sloughed far and wide
into a twilight sky, the
oceanic swell of moon
pregnant with possibilities
………(and jelly donut pink).

and just when we think
we might wake up, we
grab a cup of
(drink me, shrink me)
………….juice and claw
-foot bathtub gin and
ourselves again
………….and again.


in a
pril, we poem. and here there be dragons. 





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2 Responses to sequence

  1. Nia says:

    I love the hidden “sequins” in the title. This is a very Tina Turner/Sister Act kind of poem. Love love love the whole thing.

    My favey fave:
    “(drink me, shrink me)
    ………….juice and claw”

    Makes me think of a scene from Empire Records. 🙂

    Remember the staff member in the apron and nothing but, saying, “Shock me, shock me”?

  2. qbit says:

    So much great stuff here. Especially
    “and you and you and you
    were there, …
    these rebel trees.”

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