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born all ferocious

  play magnetic poetry here.

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when we all can falling-star again

, I don’t wanna pan(dem)ic no more                     (no more) so        (please) just blue me a kiss bramble me a storm verb me a poem, then sky me … Continue reading

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ambivalent bumfuzzled poet

.. i just don’t wanna play today                   (no way), just wanna sit on my bum and say     (oh, hey!) let’s build a blankey fort and doodle away some time, … Continue reading

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a clean slate, with your own face on

, you find yourself indigo -clad and clapping like thunder, a blur of turquoise tutu and treehouse battle scars. the earth underfoot is a song, a sigh, a silence. the sky’s got both wings and teeth, a dragon -fly in … Continue reading

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searching for color in a desert world

this is no garden place, these terra cotta hills and mountain face. she aches for blue beyond this sky, some rainbow’d why. but still she finds a slip of pink to fuel her ink; a bramble of crimson, that golden … Continue reading

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square one

  see, the world’s come undone and she is in the long and arduous ……….(amorous) process of re -building. she’s filling her pockets with …………………….(magic) sand, searching for true blue moments on land and holding sky -breath in for later … Continue reading


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