a clean slate, with your own face on

you find yourself indigo
-clad and clapping like thunder,
a blur
of turquoise tutu and
treehouse battle scars.

the earth underfoot
is a song, a sigh,
a silence.

the sky’s got
both wings and teeth,
a dragon
-fly in a firefly jar.

you know things
whispered in leaves,
daisy-chain rained
and soaked in

you keep jangles
of laughter
in dreampockets.

you think
in ink.

you smile

and dance
in a brilliance of fallen
fractured stars.

**Title is a line from Sylvia Plath’s poem “You’re.”
Written for dVerse. Come play! 




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30 Responses to a clean slate, with your own face on

  1. Lucy says:

    This is SO beautiful! Stunning!

  2. lifelessons says:

    This is just exquisite, Whimsy! I saw my childhood in every line. Then when I saw Sylvia Plath’s name at the end, I thought you meant she wrote it and I thought, no wonder it is so good–but then I saw it was only the title that was hers. The poem is even better than the title. And I don’t mean I don’t always enjoy your poetry, but his one is extra special. Impossible to single out a favorite line. They all just belong together like beads on a lovely strung necklace.

  3. msjadeli says:

    De, this spirit reminds me of a cantadora, a woman who runs with the wolves. Very magical poem!

  4. rothpoetry says:

    Very nice poem De. Loved the line about … keeping jangles of laughter in dreampockets!

  5. robtkistner says:

    Wonderful De — love the dreamlike essence, as through the eyes of youth, yet deep and engaging. Nice write!

  6. I truly love your line breaks and all the way you weaved this dance

  7. kim881 says:

    I love that we were drawn to the same Sylvia Plath line, De, and the fantastic, colourful place it took you. My favourite lines:
    ‘the earth underfoot
    is a song, a sigh,
    a silence’
    ‘you keep jangles
    of laughter
    in dreampockets.’
    I would love to dance in a ‘brilliance of fallen fractured stars’.

  8. hank77 says:


    you smile (clownlike,
    cloudlike, crown-like)
    and dance in a brilliance of fallen
    fractured stars

    They go to all extent to achieve their intention of being funny. Very much so De!



  9. autumn says:

    Unbelievably good.

    If you have your own face on, you’re not wearing makeup. And if you’re turning blue, maybe you can’t breathe. So (given the times), I read the piece as being about having Covid-19 and being in the hospital, in and out of lucidity.

    “Treehouse battle scars” is one of my favorite parts.

  10. Misky says:

    Your muse never disappoints.

  11. Beverly Crawford says:

    Fluff your turquoise tutu and scatter the fractured stars, you’re a winner!

  12. Helen Dehner says:

    This is beautiful …. love ‘you know things whispered in leaves’ .. cheers.

  13. Grace says:

    Electric and filled with energy De. I missed reading your poems as they are amazing. Take care!

  14. oh. oh. oh. oh. i missed this tender, genius, powerful weaving of words from your pen, De. The subtle alliterations make my heart sing. Especially this one:
    the earth underfoot
    is a song, a sigh,
    a silence.

  15. “you keep jangles
    of laughter
    in dreampockets.”

    What a wonderful image that presents. Great work, De!

  16. Ron. says:

    Beautiful & beautifully sparse. I esp like dreampockets. Salute.

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