Eve’s Dropping

And that full fierce moon
is rising again,
untying again,
setting herself
loose, a balloon

She’s got a whole new
helium-heck of hallowed
and those trees are setting
their limbs for (l)eavesdropping,
finding new space
for whisper-listening
to the sky.


Kim’s got us Quadrille-ing over at dVerse this week. Come play! 





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6 Responses to Eve’s Dropping

  1. iidorun says:

    Great wordplay with the prompt!

  2. erbiage says:

    Ha-ha! Leavesdropping time begins again. Enjoy the cycles

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. kim881 says:

    A superb response from the expert word-player, De! I love the image of the unstringed moon balloon, and the trees ‘(l)eavesdropping’,

  4. othermary says:

    Oh De, this is lovely! What deft wordplay.

  5. Oh I love the leavesdropping… (as long as it happens a little bit later)

  6. msjadeli says:

    Beautiful. Those last 3 lines give me a fresh perspective on fall’s l(eavesdropping.)

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