purple diamond delirious

Quadrille #2. Come play!
Play magnetic poetry here



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24 Responses to purple diamond delirious

  1. calmkate says:

    what a wondrous skyful collection, most creative!

  2. robtkistner says:

    That’s cool De – “a sky storm symphony”. I’d love to play, but I hit the “more words” button on their site a number of times, and sky never came up for me? Oh well… I probably don’t know how to operate the site… 😦

  3. Lovely poem. Great word play, as always with your pieces.

  4. Beverly Crawford says:

    Fascinating display of patience and skill! I’m duly impressed.

  5. Grace says:

    Sky storm symphony of moon music – divine De.

  6. sanaarizvi says:

    This is absolutely OUTSTANDING, De! You rock! 😀

  7. This is great, and so much fun! I used to have a set on my fridge and my children and I would create elaborate poetic messages for each other. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. Also, “I bare a thousand screams in honey shadow” is absolutely wild. Love it.

  8. Smooth shine of sea sing sleep….This is a sky-ful!

  9. Truedessa says:

    This one just danced across the page to its own song. Thanks for hosting.

  10. gillena cox says:

    A beautiful fun craft, De.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine.


  11. lynn__ says:

    Enjoyed this, De… I think all your poems are magnetic!

  12. oldegg says:

    How great it was to read this De especially the last two lines.

  13. kim881 says:

    ‘Smooth shine of sea sing sleep’ brought Dylan Thomas to mind, De – you must have some Welsh blood! I love the ‘sky storm symphony of moon music’.

  14. Ingrid says:

    ‘the language of the wind’ – you use this beautifully here!

  15. memadtwo says:

    The Oracle loves moon music. (K)

  16. merrildsmith says:

    Kerfe, Jane, and I regularly consult the Magnetic Poetry Oracle–especially on Saturday. This is lovely. As Kerfe says, she does love moon music!

  17. Dale says:

    Wonderful collaboration with the Oracle!

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  19. Shawna says:

    This has got to be the most impressive magnet poem ever written.

    Also the best proposal and “yes yes yes!” glee poem ever. Love.

  20. Yes, I want to speak wind too… it’s mindblowing

  21. Dora says:

    “Moon music” – now that gives rise to a sky symphony right there 😀

  22. Ali Grimshaw says:

    Wonderful, especially Sky storm symphony of moon music.

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