{comma, and}


and then she’s running down the middle of the road
in her bare feet in the rain, and the sky is cracking

open and calling her name in a language she sudden
-ly understands. And her hands are wrapped around

her center, holding herself together, holding herself
to gather what’s left of herself. And she knows it’s up

there somewhere, that next step. That next day. That
next way to do and be and say all the things that may

make it all (go away) stay. But for now the sky’s a rough
draft, a preposterous laugh in the general direction of

all she’s lost. All she’s tossed away. All she’s cost the play
on words and the play of light on sheeted streets. She sleeps.

Written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge

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3 Responses to {comma, and}

  1. erbiage says:

    Oh god De this is fantastically heart wrenching! Hands clutching her center particularly stabbed me.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. memadtwo says:

    The sky’s a rough draft…that sentence, the entire whirlwind of words, is breathtaking. (K)

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