how’d we get so?

this poem is that 
shiny copper penny 
and the horseshoe 
turned to sky and 
the wild why of 
dandelion fluff and 
other wished-on stuff  

                    {like stars}


it’s worth its own salt
and a sprinkle of (p)luck
and has the audacity 
to sneeze a syllable in 
public so help me God

                     {bless you.}

it promises not to step 
on any cracks or shatter 
a mirror or open an um
-brella inside. it’s all four 
-leafed clover bounding 
over on rabbit’s feet. 

it’s got an eye on all black
cats and ladders, the clatter 
of keys, a magpie’s call.  

and please, don’t turn 
her upside-down, or frown 
one fret of her. she’s a lady, 
                                 after all. 

written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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