braggin’ writes

ok, so 
this is ’bout to be just ’bout 
da best poem 
you ever did see

soon as i get me muse awaked. 
soon as I get these fingers shaked 
just right, soon as the light slants 
on the page, soon as i get these 
wars all waged, these battles bouts 
and byways gone. soon 

as I spoon up something sweet
and sour my lips enough to slake 
this thirst for words. soon, i’ll 
scribble the greatest line of all 
time and phrase my fears just so 
and raise a toast to those who 

know what time the moon might
rise. then we’ll all just dip our 
feathers in and fly across this 
ivory skin and fall and fall and 
fall again until we’re back at square
one, where the best has just begun. 


written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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