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Abide (an Aubade)

Crack open that bright blue dawn and watch the sun yawn and stretch again, begin to light our f(l)ight.  We raise wings and sing, abide in deeper things than the morrows and sorrows of this place. This day, we find grace in the staying.  :: it’s Quadrille … Continue reading


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stage: left

we outta here with our pens and our plans and our cramped-up hands and our scrib-bled dreams. these syllables are our last gasps and death-rattle rasps of lyric, lung and ripped-at-stanza seams. this means  our scribbles are all scrabbled out, and there’s no doubt … Continue reading

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wanting whim

this year’s gone all heavy again, lead-bellied belligerent bossypants and i long to tutu and tulle, rule the school with taffeta promises and stripey-socked  glee. you see, we’ve got some giggles that need loosing. some bubbles that need  blown to sky. some … Continue reading

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tell me again about the dragons (and the plums)

we ate them all (the plums, not the dragons) so cold, just waiting there in the ice -box. we left none for the dragons (so hot).they’re left with nothing but wasted thought and witch-craft and hungry tums and fiery hums.  :: a quick remix for poetic asides … Continue reading

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