Abide (an Aubade)

Crack open 
that bright blue dawn 
and watch the sun 
yawn and stretch 
again, begin to light our f(l)ight. 

We raise wings and sing, abide 
in deeper things than the morrows 
and sorrows of this place. This day, 
we find grace in the staying. 


it’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and Lisa’s got a great word for us. come play!

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19 Responses to Abide (an Aubade)

  1. Ali Grimshaw says:

    Thank you for letting the light in so that I could see the hope in your words. Lovely.

  2. A nice morning piece – particularly liked the flight/fight line – and all that follows.

  3. kim881 says:

    I love the subtle wordplay in the title, De, the way your aubade-quadrille cracks open beautifully with a ‘bright blue dawn’, and the personification of the sun yawning and stretching. Sometimes we have to stay to appreciate the where and why.

  4. memadtwo says:

    A good place to find grace. (K)

  5. Ron. says:

    If someone asked me about what an aubade should be, I’d show them this poem. Perfecto, DJ.

  6. Beverly Crawford says:

    Ah, to find grace in the staying, and the brightness of each new dawn.

  7. This is really lovely! ❤

  8. Ingrid says:

    I love that you made an Aubade out of ‘Abide’ – and you did it so well! A great message of hope and endurance as well 😊

  9. msjadeli says:

    I had to look aubade up and thought it was an alternative spelling of abide. You have polished this gem of a poem until it gleams like the bright blue dawn you describe. This one is a keeper, De.

  10. Candace says:

    I will abide in that light of grace. What a beauty this is.

  11. Oh yes… we have to really find the grace in staying… it’s about accepting the limitations really.

  12. sanaarizvi says:

    Oh my heart this is absolutely exquisite, De! 💝💝

  13. pvcann says:

    I love that last line in particular, grace indeed.

  14. Truedessa says:

    Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. Crack open that bright blue dawn…that made me smile.

  15. We raise wings and sing …. lovely imagery 🙂

  16. “We find grace in the staying” – Beautiful sentiment, De!

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