wanting whim

this year’s gone all heavy again, lead
-bellied belligerent bossypants and

i long to tutu and tulle, rule the school 
with taffeta promises and stripey-socked 

glee. you see, we’ve got some giggles that 
need loosing. some bubbles that need 

blown to sky. some secrets that need whisp
-ered to these trees. come with me, and we’ll 

fingerprint that foolish moon, smudge the 
sun with hum and hope. i’ve got a jump 

rope and some pickup pixie stix and a way
-ward mix of angry chick music and oompah

band bluster. buster, we’ve got to go and mud
-lucious ourselves silly, build blanket forts 

and faerie lands of dandelion fluff and broken 
stars. just daisy petal ourselves away and change 

our names to Squib and Squee, and stay some 
-where where this crazy world is (once, again) ours. 


written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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1 Response to wanting whim

  1. lifelessons says:

    I Love “wanting whim.” Alot.

    This is a fun challenge

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