Monthly Archives: January 2021

Wayward Sky

We had a deal, you and I. I’d just lookup, and you’d bring the stars.  No matter how far we’ve come, I can find my way home by those light-stung shards.  But tonight you’ve got something darker in mind:  Discombobulated me, left behind.  I’m late to Lisa’s … Continue reading

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This is not a ceiling.

It’s a shadowstage holding up the outside-sky,a trampoline bouncing laughter light, conversation dust.  It’s a blank sheet waiting for my words, a sunshine-slatted hope.  This smallbox universe of our own bright building, where I am both fan and sometimes-star.  Mish has us writing object poems over at … Continue reading

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Scrabbling It In

She tastes the new year slowlypondering clouds on tongue sacred slices of sky, tabasco-tang of sun. ,The world’s got a way of craving falling-stars, symphony wishes.  She swishes in a ninja star for good measure, a babble of brook,                      a dabble of moon.  It’s Quadrille Monday … Continue reading

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