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Intro to Anthropology

The female of the species is more deadlier than the male  – Space (and Rudyard Kipling)  It takes 63 seconds to get to class; he knows because he holds his breath the whole time.  Her locker’s in Hall C,and he can’t look or be or breathe.  … Continue reading

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{Anyone lived in a pretty how town}

Her name tag is a lie she carries to the laundromat every Thursday night like clockwork.  It’s “Thirsty Thursday” right next door, but she’s drowned her days in a glass before and the rum-ble, tumble of the dryer is more healing than the clink of ice and sloppy … Continue reading

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i am

bic, some rhythm’d pen -sive soul etching cloudwords to ivory sky.  landlocked mermaid, dry scales thirsting for ocean, ink.  thinking; thanking. drinking in the rum-bled scribbled scrambled  song of some language i no longer speak. i am tossing letters (spaces)  to the breeze and hoping some bright bird catches them … Continue reading

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