{Anyone lived in a pretty how town}

Her name tag is a lie 
she carries to the laundromat 
every Thursday night 
like clockwork. 

It’s “Thirsty Thursday” right 
next door, but she’s drowned 
her days in a glass before 
and the rum
-ble, tumble of the dryer 
is more healing than the 
clink of ice and sloppy smiles. 

Sometimes it takes her a 
moment to remember the real 
syllables of herself, the person 
she left back on that shelf 
in Philadelphia all those 
years ago

but then she sees that small 
smile in the sudsy reflection 
on the washing machine
and feels clean 
and whole 
again, new name re-pinned 
just above her the soft hum
of her heart. 

April PAD challenge day 1.
My title is the name of a poem by E.E. Cummings.

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4 Responses to {Anyone lived in a pretty how town}

  1. iidorun says:

    Wow! I loved this and can totally relate. Seeing yourself differently when you decide to do a different behavior and be a different person. You’ve captured it so well!

  2. Indigo says:

    This sounds like a novel I would like to read.

    That title is totally its own poem.

    I especially love the first two lines. They are fun to read.

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