smallish dreams, and a bimble or two 

really, we just want to feel our feet 
on cobbled streets and ask the locals 
where to eat and breathe in air we 
might have to (slightly) translate first. 

we’ve got this thirst for Irish pubs 
and tiny shoppes and ridiculous green 
against cobalt sky, traffic jams 
of busy-body sheep. 

we’ll sleep on an old featherbed 
or in a castle, echo our voices 
across the Scottish moors and 
maybe find an old book store 

to run for a year (or more). the
kids have turned from toddlers 
to grown teens, and so you and I 

have nothing in between us 
but wanderlust wishes and small
-ish dreams of strange places, 
a familiar hand 
helping me over those last hills. 

Day 2 for the April PAD Challenge.

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10 Responses to

  1. marialberg says:

    I love that the word “bimble” is now in my life. I will be finding places for bimble.

  2. Marie Elena says:

    Lovely, De. When the kids are small is, of course, a precious time in life. But so is this, and you give your plan such charm and grace. Love it!

  3. Indigo says:

    Psst. You need an “e” in “breath(e).”

    “we’ve got this thirst for Irish pubs
    and tiny shoppes and ridiculous green
    against cobalt sky” … Yes!

  4. Oh, I love this. I really identified with this.

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