writing in airports

on cocktail napkins,
scribbled scraps, 
the million notebooks 
she’s collected all these 
click-clack years. 

under whispering trees 
in foreign lands, 
across tea-tables from 
ancient hands of locals 
spilling their stories. 

palming psalms and 
praising skies, dipping 
her toes in mountain streams
and ocean swirl. broken 
shells in hungry pockets. 

pebbles and a flower be
-hind her ear, hiking gear 
packed and ready to go; 
always a pen in her back
-pack sheath. (go, she wants

to go). ponytailed and primped
with only an impish grin 
and the weathered skin 
she’s in. the beginnings of a 
novel she might never complete. 

poems. in pockets and in plans,
phrases etched and stretched 
across the miles. piles of sand. 
piles of mud. -lucious and puddled
at her waiting feet. a front 

-seat, first class ticket to pond
-ering clouds, dreaming out loud 
and playing with daisy chains and 
dew, leaving crumbs behind 
but always going somewhere new. 

Poetic Asides, day 2.

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11 Responses to writing in airports

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  2. poeticpricey says:

    I love this! Felt familiar to me.

  3. Indigo says:

    “across tea-tables from
    ancient hands of locals”

    “pebbles and a flower be
    -hind her ear, hiking gear
    packed and ready to go”

    “she wants
    to go). ponytailed and primped”

    “dreaming out loud
    and playing with daisy chains”

    Gorgeous. You are really so gifted, especially rhythmically.

  4. Marie Elena says:

    What a picture you paint, De! Love, love, love!

  5. TKI TOURS says:

    You are a gifted Writer and poet. Rarely can anyone write a poem about airports. You have done it. Great going……….

  6. Mubashshira Rahman says:

    I enjoyed this so much! Made me feel like taking off too.

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